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DotNet Internals AS

DNI is a Norwegian softwarehouse that provides solutions and services to streamline user account management and access rights in both the public and private sectors.  Solutions from DNI give organizations full control on all employees and provide complete records of all rights and accesses at any time.  

Get in touch and we'll help you save time and increase your security!

Life Cycle Server - LCS

Enables organisations to automate all tasks managing user accounts and access rights. All user IDs are mananged safe and efficient to reduce time consumtion and secure correct access rights for all users. Get in touch and we'll help you improve security and to be more efficient! 
Onboarding and offboarding usually consists of multiple tasks that needs to be done the same way each time. Why not free up your teams time and let LCS handle these tasks.
Security and Audits - GDPR
Implement better security and auditing with LCS. Implement roles for existing applications. Get insight into who had access to what in which period. LCS can even help you enforcing GDPR rules.
Involve the organization

LCS provides the solution to involve the whole organization into processes. Why not involve the key people instead of creating bottlenecks.

Lots of features

LCS solves loads of small and big challenges when it comes to user management and maintenance. We most probably also solve your needs in a good way. Contact us and we find out.

LCS Office 365 Extension

LCS O365 License extension makes complex licensing scenarioes easy. We introduce multiple ways you can deploy licenses automatically. Use AD Groups or role based data, and fine tune the licenses for your users. Role based deployment of Office 365 licenses. Correct licensed at the right cost.Flexible and effective administration of license maintenance

LCS - Feide Express

FEIDE is a national ID framework/protocol initiated by the government in Norway. Students and teachers get SSO (single sign on) access with most services and pedagogical resources in education. DNI provide automated password synchronization with ISV's integrate with local AD and Azure cloud.

LCS - Student Management Portal

Enables the Teacher to take back control of the classroom.Teachers can easlily resolve issues with students user name and password issues, set ad-hoc and recurring rules for internet access.

CDA (Central Device Administration) gives full controll and oveview of devises and users, supporting Inventory control and sync with MDM (Intune, LightSpeed, Airwatch).

DNI Password admin (app) enables self service features for users to reset passwords and resend forgoten passwords.

LCS Microsoft Teams Extension

Smart management of teams. Generate teams for schools, classes groups, curriculum and individuals, based on SAS data. Add custom groups with DNI SMP Portal.

Makes teams deployment easily and painless. Role based team access.

Other products

KS Læring Module

Product created for The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS). We implement the WEB API to support KS and ADFS SSO.

LCS Extensions

LCS supports integration with most systems with its generic API´s. In addition we have created some full integrations, for Public 360, Ephorte, Gerica, Office 365, Svar Ut and others.

ISV Solution Extensions

We have rich support for different ISV vendors in the education space. Skooler, Zokrates, Fronter & Itslearning, Fagbokforlaget, Mobilskole, Conexus / Vokal to name some.

Self Service Password

Say goodbye to password issues. We have a portfolio of different approaches to reduce user support related to forgotten passwords. 

Business Application Management

We make administration of your business applications easy. We connect the end-user, manager and business application responsible. We make everyone informed and make the administration easier for all parts.

TimeEdit Extension

We integrate the curiculumn into the calendar. This makes the student always aware of current classes and changes, everything administrated directly from TimeEdit.

We are hiring!

To keep up with DNIs growing customer base and solution portfolio and we are looking for new colleagues to our young and creative team. Currently we are hiring developers and support personell (level 300). Send email to if you are interested!

Partnering with DNI

DNI are partnering with many ISVs and content providers in the Norwergian markets. As we are expanding into new verticals and markets we are looking for partners with complementary solutions and focus to join forces with us. If interested send email to
Wilhelmsen IT Services  - Anders Horgen, Product responsible for Active Directory

We are sure that Active Directory administrators will be very impressed by how powerful and easy it is to maintain complex and powerful configurations in this system.

with 380 offices spread across more than 70 countries... Life Cycle Server has increased Active Directory information of our user objects with 80% better accuracy and quality.

Customers say

This powerful system enables us to achieve the following goals:

  • Enforces Attributes Policies with simplified GUI (same principle as Group Policy).
  • Self designed web user administration portal for IT support that:
  • Enforces naming standard.
  • Reduces administration for IT support personnel.
  • Change control of whom that have created/modified/deleted a user object.
  • Allows us to rapidly act when the company requires changes to naming standard.
  • Reduces the need of VB and PowerShell scripting for user objects.
  • Reduces maintenance cost.
  • Simplifies user administration by reducing competence needed by IT support personnel regarding our complex naming standard.
  • Automation
  • Removes use of Active Directory Users & Computers snap-in and limit this to AD administrators only.

Elverum municipality are using LCS to administrate Active Directory and synchronising user information from SAS systems. The system automates everything we earlier spend resources to update regarding attributes on user objects, group memberships and to create mail boxes. LCS secure correct setup in OU’s and disables the user when necessary. In short LCS provide security of information in AD and we can spend our time in more creative task than boring routine processes. We give LCS our best recommendations
Tore Brækhus Elverum municipality
Eide municipality deployed Life Cycle Server (LCS) to improve general efficiency and to enble schools to administrate their own users regarding user name, password and information about their students. Integration with Office 365 for Education was important and we also got FEIDE certified as part of the solution. DotNetInternals AS has been very supportive and very helpfull during the process. We recommend this solutions and company!
Kim Atle Kvalvåg Eide municipality


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