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DNI helps your organization with safe and secure identity management

Identity management throughout the employment period 

Public administration

DNI has an extensive experience with IDM solutions for public organizations and is a leader in IDM solutions. Streamlining the onboarding/offboarding process, give managers full control and reduce time spent while increasing safety.

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Control and secure user management


Complete IDM solution for private organizations in all sizes and industries. Provides full control over users and all access. Increases efficiency and provides better security for employees to have correct access. Full control of rights and access throughout the employment relationship.

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Easier and more secure ID administration


DNI are specialists in ID administration in the education sector; Fast and efficient certification with self-service, easy password administration for teachers and control module for Microsoft Teams etc.

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Life Cycle Server (LCS) 

Reliable and effective ID-administration

LCS is the core of DNI's product portfolio. Automation of user administration ensures that the organization is efficient and provides optimal control over employment processes, access rights, changes in roles, quarantine periods and changes during the employment relationship.

Automated user administration

Efficient and automated routines for user creation, onboarding, changes in roles, quarantine processing and termination of employment.

Introduction of role-based administration

Secure administration of external users such as consultants and temps. Simplifies and reduces the onboarding process while ensuring safety in a responsible way.

Business applications

Automated access to business applications, control of Active Directory rights, as well as access and distribution lists. Provides managers and owners of business applications full control over users access, which is always up-to-date and helps to streamline citizen services.

Reports and routines

Complete overview of all your users permissions in real time. The reports give you information about who has access to what and the period of time they had the access.

 Simplifies audit and reduces the risk of human errors.

Student Management Portal (SMP)

The Student Management Portal (SMP) gives the teacher the control back in the classroom. 

Easy solution to password problems

Take control in the classroom! Solve password and username problems quickly and efficiently via a simple user interface

Full control over students' tablets         

Central Device Admin (CDA) gives a full overview over students' tablets and supports the largest MDM services (Intune, LightSpeed, Airwatch) as well as all platforms (Ipad, Chromebook, Windows tablets)

Full control over students' internet access

With Web Traffic Control (WTC), the teacher gets full control over students' Internet access via a simple web-based user interface 

Solve password problems with your mobile

Cloud-based service where students and teachers can solve password problems quickly and easily via an app on the mobile

LCS Microsoft Teams Admin 

Microsoft Teams is an effective communication and collaboration platform. With LCS Teams, the organization gains control of the Team Anarchy and assists users in creating and managing Teams.

Controlled creation of Teams based on AD information (schools, groups, subjects, ad-hoc). Permission control that restricts access to create Teams. Control naming standard on Teams sites that are created (set of rules). 

Facilitate template standards with predetermined functions / possibilities. Parental communication / involvement

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TimeEdit synchronization to Office 365 calendar

Make sure that the students are always up to date on the time and place where the classes will take place.

Real-time synchronization of calendar information from TimeEdit to Office 365 provides all students with accurate and up-to-date information on where the next class will take place. Last minute changes are easily accessible in a calendar that is available on all platforms.

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Other products


Bli FEIDE sertifisert i ekspress fart - rimelig, sikkert og effektivt! Automatisk passord synkronisering og bruker administrasjon  integrert med lokal AD, Azure AD, Office 365,  GAFE, Itslearning, Fronter, Skooler, Enable, mm. Selvbetjening i skyen reduserer tidsbruk og kostnader med løsningen.  Ny og forenklet FEIDE sertifisering og administrasjon der skoleeier / skoler har full kontroll.

LCS KS Læring Moodle Extension

Plug-in for brukere av KS Læring Moodle LMS WEB API som tilgjengeliggjør organisasjonskart og brukerdata. Administrerer og Effektiviseres KS læring aktiviteter ADFS login integrert med LCS / KS Læring

LCS ASP Portal 

Life Cycle Server ASP is adapted to operate in a service portal (ASP) where the vender gets full control over policies and that customers still experience full ownership of their own solution. LCS is module-based and rights-driven that provides efficient and easy ID administration. Standardized user interface supports future business applications.

LCS User Storage Portal (USP)

The user portal USP 3 for LCS provides simplified and effective management tools for delegated administration in the units. This provides easily accessible overview and insight into all employees in the unit, as well as easy reporting for the employee and organization. User-friendly services for allocating business applications and associated rights, as well as involving business application owners with follow-up (notification). The service also manages external users.

LCS – License Management Office 365

LCS extension that makes it easy to manage users and licenses in Office 365. The service ensures correct rollout of Office 365 licenses at the right price as well as flexible and efficient license maintenance. The service supports Microsoft's latest license updates and contributes to proper licensing at all time.

LCS ISV Solution extensions

DNI bistår en rekke innholdsleverandører med ID administrasjon som for eksempel ID Porten, FEIDE og andre påloggingstjenester. Eksempelvis Zokrates, Skooler, Fronter & Itslearning, Fagbokforlaget, mobilskole og Conexus Vokal mm.

Courses of Life Cycle Server (LCS)

The course gives you an understanding of how LCS works, the wide range of possibilities and enables you how to perform troubleshooting. The course can be recommended both before and after you have implemented LCS in your own organization.

The course includes i.a. LCS upgrade, install and upgrade Extensions, rights management, configure Policies, LCS services and log management, understand Identity store and Dynamic Data Stores, configure import and export of user data.

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Support Agreement

DNI's support agreements are adapted to the customer based on requirements for response time and the need for help. The agreements are required at the start of delivery and entitle to assistance on all products and solutions delivered by DNI. The agreements can be signed including discounted hours with a response time of 4 hours, the same day and the following day.

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Customer references

DNI delivers solutions to a wide range of customers. Solutions for large and small organizations in the education sector, ID administration for public organizations, small and large private companies. 

The Kongsberg region ICT uses LCS for both education sector and the municipal administration. LCS integration gives full control over usernames and passwords and access to all relevant resources. LCS in the municipal administration makes the process of hiring, changing roles and access control during the entire employment relationship clear and very efficient. 

Lene Garder Løkken, Head of Operations

Eide municipality deployed Life Cycle Server (LCS) to improve general efficiency and to enable schools to administrate their own users regarding username, password and information about their students. Integration with Office 365 for Education was important, and we also got certified as part of the solution. DotNetInternals AS has been very supportive and very helpful during the process. We recommend this solutions and company!

Kim Atle Kvalvåg, Eide Municipality


Elverum Municipality are using LCS to administrate Active Directory and synchronizing user information from SAS systems. The system automates everything we earlier spent a lot of resources to update regarding attributes on user objects, group memberships and to create mail boxes. LCS secure correct setup in OU’s and disables the user when necessary. In short LCS provide security of information in AD and we can spend our time in more creative task than boring routine processes. We give LCS our best recommendations

Tore Brækhus, Elverum Municipality

We are sure that Active Directory administrators will be very impressed by how powerful and easy it is to maintain complex and powerful configurations in this system. With 380 offices spread across more than 70 countries, Life Cycle Server has increased Active Directory information of our user objects with 80% better accuracy and quality.

Anders Horgen, Product responsible Active Directory, Wilhelmsen IT Services

Partnership with DotNet Internals AS (DNI)

DNI collaborates with many ISVs, content providers and resellers in the Norwegian market. In addition to collaborating with leading players such as Atea, Crayon, Technet Consulting, and Evry, DNI is looking for new partners for vertical investments and entry into international markets. The IDM segment is growing strongly and we are integrating with more and more solutions. If this is interesting, send an email to

Safe and secure deliveries from the already selected system integrator

Neatness in responsibilities and contact persons

Support from DNI with direct support agreements

Easy access to in-depth expertise 

Is your organization GDPR ready?

For many, DNI is a central part of ID management. We assist our customers in the work of getting ready for GDPR since 2018. It can be a demanding task to have everything in place, and DNI can facilitate this work by providing an overview of the ID flow in the organizations. 

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Microsoft Teams takes off!

The collaboration service from Microsoft is introduced in many schools and entails a number of challenges for school owners and educators. To gain control over a potential anarchy, data flow and loose access, DNI has developed an administration interface that gives the organization better control. Among other things, DNI has assisted Horten municipality in generating Teams based on information in the AD structure.

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Upgraded user portal USP 3

New version of LCS user portal contains a wide range of functions in LCS. There is a comprehensive restructuring of the user portal to make processes and routines simpler as well as add security to avoid unintentional errors when changing the system.

USP focuses on providing an intuitive end-user interface. 

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DNI is looking for support consultants.

Due to increasing of the number of clients and orders, we are strengthening the support service to take care of customers during and after implementation of solutions. DNI is therefore looking for a person who understands ​​our values ​​and shows strong commitment and initiatives to strengthen the support apparatus and play an important and fundamental role in DNI's further growth and success.

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DNI is a Norwegian software house that delivers solutions to streamline and automate user administration and access rights for organizations in the public and private sectors. Solutions from DNI give organizations full control over all employees and facilitate a full overview of all access rights at all times. DNI's solutions save time and increase safety!

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