DNI Self Service Password

DNI Self Service Password is a solution that makes the employee self-service on handling their passwords. The solution can be used for required password changes, new employees and for users who have forgotten their password. The user logs on to a website with BankID or other mechanisms offered via the ID Port and gets access to set passwords on accounts linked to this person.


Why choose this product

  • Reduces assistance from IT or another manager
  • Security - no passwords lost via SMS, email or otherwise
  • Simple, user-friendly and time-saving

Challenges related to password management are an issue that all organizations have and there are many solutions out there that are both complex and have security holes. Variants such as answering personal questions, sending out one-time passwords via SMS or external email.

The purpose of these processes is to know who the user is so that the solution knows with certainty which account the user should be able to change passwords on.

By using BankID, you will know for sure who logs on to the solution and can offer a secure and efficient solution for all users.

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