DNI Student Management Portal

DNI Student Management Portal provides the teacher with a portal to assist and communicate with their students. This is a tool the teacher will appreciate that will enhance the teaching.


Why choose this product

  • The teacher gets an overview of all subjects and classes based on data from it skoleadministrative systemet
  • The teacher can assist students with usernames and passwords
  • The teacher can create "custom-groups" which can also be synchronized to Feide
  • The teacher can send a message to students, either via email or SMS
  • The teacher can generate a CSV list of student information
  • The teacher can create braid letters with information about the students

With DNI Student Management Portal, IT will be relieved with routine tasks and at the same time assist the teacher with effective teaching. The problems of the students will be solved quickly from the classroom and provide better teaching.

Do you need more information?

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