Innovative solutions

DNI helps your organization with safe and secure user administration. We deliver innovative solutions for education, public and private sector.


DNI Cloud Platform

DNI Cloud Platform is a self-service platform solution. The solution consists of more than 50 services that can be used to streamline and automate user administration.



DNI IDM automates user administration and ensures that the organization is efficient and provides optimal control over employment processes, access rights, changes in roles, quarantine periods and changes during the employment relationship.


DNI Education

DNI Education is a solution adapted to public and private school organisations. DNI Education is connected to source systems such as Visma Skole and then manages all users so that they get a Feide account and have the correct access and rights in Office 365 / Google. For schools that do not use a source system, we offer Mini-HRM for the administration of users.


DNI Self Service Password

DNI Self Service Password is a solution that makes the employee self-service when managing their passwords. The solution can be used for mandatory password changes, new employees and for users who have forgotten their password. The user logs on to a website with BankID or other mechanisms offered via the ID-Porten and gets access to set passwords on accounts linked to this person.


DNI Teams Admin

DNI Teams Admin gives the organization full control over the Teams anarchy and automatically creates and manages Teams as the organization wants.


DNI Student Management Portal

The DNI Student Management Portal provides the teacher with a portal to assist and communicate with their students. This is a tool the teacher will appreciate that will improve teaching.


DNI Web Traffic Control

DNI Web Traffic Control is a service that provides teachers with a simple and intuitive interface to manage internet access for students. The solution can be used to plan the school lesson in advance so that students have access to the internet at the right time.

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