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DNI Cloud Platform is a self-service platform solution. The solution consists of more than 50 services that can be used to streamline and automate user administration.


DNI Cloud Platform is provided as a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft Azure. The solution is designed on a completely new platform and is based on a microservice architecture with built-in GDPR. Overall, this means splitting all the services and isolating them from each other. The services then function as independent units as a whole, which in turn means that the complexity decreases and the flexibility and security increase.

With a microarchitecture, you avoid all previous challenges with a traditional monolithic architecture where everything is connected in a large master store. You can update and change a function without affecting the entire solution, at the same time you get all the benefits of cloud such as scalability, flexibility and automation.

DNI Cloud Platform is suitable for organizations that need to work smarter and who want to offer users self-service solutions.

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Examples of challenges DNI Cloud Platform can solve

The organization wants a secure solution for dealing with first-time passwords and forgotten passwords

In DNI Cloud Platform, Self Service Password is linked with Active Directory, Azure AD or Google. The end user uses Bank-ID to verify their identity and gets access to their username and the option to set their own password.

The organization wants to automate the tasks IT does with new hires, changes and termination of employment

In DNI Cloud Platform, data is extracted from the HR system and used as a data source for managing users and groups in Active Directory, Azure AD or Google.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is DNI Cloud Platform an integration platform?

DNI Cloud Platform is also an integration platform.
With over 50 available services, the platform can be set up quickly with ready-made solutions, but as a platform it offers many opportunities to solve new challenges. Built on microarchitecture, the DNI Cloud Platform provides a better overview, it simplifies the introduction of new services and provides the opportunity to build your own solutions.

Is training offered in DNI Cloud Platform?

DNI delivers courses for operating solutions and setting up new services in different variants.
DNI Cloud Platform is built with options for self-service where the customer can choose between setting up solutions themselves, let DNI do this or a combination. The DNI Cloud Platform is built with opportunities for self-service in mind where the customer can choose between setting up solutions themselves, letting DNI carry out this or a combination. The usual thing is that DNI sets up the solution and the customer then builds expertise and does more and more on their own.

To what extent can you operate and set up services yourself?

The DNI Cloud Platform provides the opportunity for self-service where, by building expertise, you take more responsibility and control over the operation and development of the services.
With DNI Cloud Platform, you become less dependent on assistance from DNI, but our professional consultants are always available to guide and advise on good practice. This reduces costs where quality and safety are ensured with DNI as an advisory partner.

What data is stored in the cloud?

DNI Cloud Platform is a SaaS solution located in Microsoft Azure. DNI initially collects minimal data. This is defined in our data processing agreement, which is updated as and when data is collected from external sources. With the DNI Cloud Platform, you have control over which data is located where at all times.

What is required to get started with DNI Cloud Platform?

DNI starts all projects with a workshop to ensure a safe and secure project implementation.
Here, the current situation, technical and functional dependencies and requirements specification for the finished solution are mapped together with the customer. All participants have clear roles and expectations so that the project can be delivered as planned.

How does DNI solve requirements for GDPR?

GDPR is built into the architecture so that the current requirements for the processing of personal information are met at all times.
Documentation of the solution and all changes along the way are made open and accessible so that you have full control over which data is located where and which services use these.

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