DNI IDM automates user administration and ensures that the organization is efficient and provides optimal control over employment processes, access rights, changes in roles, quarantine periods and changes during the employment relationship.


Why to choose this product

  • Automated user administration
  • Introduction of role-based administration
  • User administration for subject applications
  • Reports and routines
  • Reduce time spent while increasing security
  • Complete overview of access rights at all times

With DNI IDM, the employee's cycle from onboarding to offboarding is handled.
Always updated rights provide reliability, quality and control.

Automated user administration

Efficient and automated routines for user creation, onboarding, changes in roles, quarantine processing and termination of employment.

Introduction of role-based administration

Secure administration of external users such as consultants and temps. Simplifies and reduces the onboarding process while ensuring safety in a responsible way.

Subject applications

Automated access control of professional applications, control of AD rights, as well as access and distribution lists. Provides unit leaders and subject managers full control over user accesses, which are always up-to-date and help to streamline citizen services.

Reports and routines

A complete overview of access rights at all times reduces frustration and provides responsible security. DNI IDM provides a full overview of who has access, on what, and in what time periods. Simplifies audit processes and greatly reduces the risk of human error.

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