DNI Teams Admin

DNI Teams Admin gives the organization full control over the Teams anarchy and automatically creates and manages Teams as the organization wants.


Why choose this product

  • Creation and operation of Teams based on information from source systems
  • Rules for naming
  • Maintains Teams membership automatically
  • Easy administration of Team owners and temporary members
  • Rights control that restricts access to create Teams
  • Life cycle control and archiving

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic collaboration tool, but also offers many challenges such as uncontrolled creation of Teams, poor overview of data flow and labor-intensive maintenance.

DNI Teams Admin solves the anarchy challenges, provides control over naming and ensures that users have access to the correct teams at all times. In addition, temporary users are managed as temps and consultants.

DNI rolls out in a controlled manner and maintains Teams in all organizations as well as school environments. For schools, automatic creation and maintenance of Teams based on Microsoft School Datasync is provided.

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Lars Magne Graue

Senior Business Manager